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I have no idea where this came from.

So, I was in a silly mood, and do not work tomorrow, and was wondering what Sammy and Vek are up to (crap, have I not introduced Sammy and Vek yet? Oh dear). So here's this: happy belated birthday, J.

Anyway, Sammy and Vek are from a new story I'm working on, tentatively entitled "The Devil You Know", although I'm certain that will change with stunning regularity (I mean, it took me years to get the arc titles for Simon's stuff worked out). At any rate, this new one is a rather skewed take on the usual misogyny-and-swords sort of D&D-type fantasy writing. I am making a vague attempt to keep it linear, and non-short-story-ish, but this is me, and so far I've got the first chapter and the last chapter written, so we'll see how it goes.

So, the characters in the story thus far are:

Sammæl - a demon. Well, not actually a demon in the afterlife sense, more in the human-superstition sense. Sammy is tall, athletic and reserved (to say the least), and has some sort of fire-based magical powers. Always pictured with a tail, for no apparent reason.
Vek - a teenage human. Worryingly attached to Sammy. Has been traumatized in many ways, and has a resultant mildly-concussed outlook on life.

So, the main story can be found here, on Google Docs.

But now for today's story:

TItle: A Small Matter
Characters: Sammy, Vek
Rating: Innocuous
Summary: In which Sammy has a problem, and is puzzled.
Notes: It's a drabble, so 100 words. And the "solution" to the dialogue is a picture, and is under the LJ-cut. Remember: I have more obsessive enthusiasm than I have actual drawing ability. The point is that it's funny, not that it's a particularly good drawing. Go easy on me.

A Small Matter

"Oh! Hello, small human. I...I beg your pardon. Excuse me? I'm afraid that's mine. I don't suppose you know who you belong to? No, I thought not. I'm afraid I'm not well equipped to handle young humans, really. Hmm. Although you seem to think I am, at least. Um...Vek?"
"Are you busy?"
"A little. Why?"
"I...need you to come here and handle a small problem for me."
"Can it wait?"
"I...don't think so. I suspect it may require a human perspective. Imminently."
"What is it, Sammy?"
"It's...a small matter. Ouch! And yet very pressing, in its own way."


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