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Not sure if this is a good thing or not.

So, simply ages ago (that is to say: July) I wandered into Fashion Bug, on account of I can easily walk there from work and I needed clothes for work.  And on one trip, I encountered this dress:

And I thought it was just lovely, but not really at all me, and also I had nowhere to wear it, and besides it was $50, which would mean, like, 5 manga, and I just wasn't willing to do that.  Wargh.

But secretly, I was having a love affair with this dress.  The shiny!  The pink!  The ruffles!  Eeee!  The $50!  Ooooh...

At any rate, I drifted down to FB again last week, and discovered that they still had one of this dress, one size larger than I needed it, on clearance for $15.  And yes, I can afford $15.  And honestly, it's pretty easy to do tiny alterations on something too big to make it a little smaller, and it freakin' ties in the back anyway, so that's convenient.

And therefore I also bought a black bolero jacket to go over it, so my total purchase was about $20 and is like this:

Anyway, the point is, I got it home (after trying it on in the store), put it on again, pranced around for a while, and discovered that it doesn't actually look particularly good on me.  Basically, the skirt-pleats are at an odd place on me (granted, if you know anything about my anatomy, MOST places are an odd place on me), and make me look lumpy.

This realization inspired a few minutes of intense depression and naval-gazing, at which point I decided that I DON'T REALLY CARE.

Like, seriously.  What's the main problem?  It doesn't make me look thinner?  Well, who says the sole purpose of all of my clothes is to make me look thinner?  (All right, it was a trick question: everyone says that.  Every magazine.  Every fashion program.)  But, like, do I have to care about that?  How about I opt out for a while?

It's not like I'm somehow going to convince people that I'm suddenly slim.  So, does a "good" outfit mean that it makes me, a size 20, look like a size 18?

And it's not like the dress makes me look bad.  Grey, for example, makes me look bad, by which I mean severely jaundiced.  This dress doesn't make me look ill or anything.  Basically, it makes me look like a cute size 22 instead of my usual 20.

But I think that's balanced out by the cute.  Like, cute 22 > average 20.  (Okay, that's a cultural fail.  Culturally, 22 < 20, although both of them need to stop with the fast food and don't they know they are the cause of The Fatty Epidemic?  So screw them anyway.)

Anyway, I hope this isn't just a gateway realization on the slippery slope to frumpiness.  But I think that, from now on, I will pick my clothes based more on if I love them and find them adorable beyond words, and less on whether they make me look "skinny".
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