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I just don't know...

So, I think I'll be offered a promotion.  Like, tomorrow.  Which should be a good thing, right?

Except that it's longer hours, and more responsibility, and I wouldn't get to work the shift I'm working right now.  And having a slacky job with a prime schedule is the whole reason I'm in this job.  My ambitions have nothing whatsoever to do with this job.  This job is strictly so that I have money and occasionally leave the house.

I figure it's not worth worrying about until 1) they formally offer it to me, and 2) I see if they'll bargain at all.  Because maybe they'll let me keep my cushy shift, and if they give me a decent (~$2/hr) raise on top of that, then the responsibility wouldn't be all THAT bad, either.  The longer hours will still suck,  I generally work overtime as it is, so it wouldn't be awful, I guess.

So we'll see if they'll bargain with me, because I'm the only person at my job qualified to take this job right now.  And if I don't like it, then I'll leave.

I've got my resume updated, just in case.  I think I can do this.
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