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Title: A Necessary Question
Characters: Simon, Cade
Rating: innocuous
Summary: Cade has a question.  Eventually, Cade's going to grow up and figure it out.
Notes: Just a little double drabble, written because I had Simon's last line stuck in my head, and the scene fit so obviously around it.  I was also messing with punctuation, as a precursor to another piece I'm writing, in which punctuation is abused.

A Necessary Question

Why aren't you nice to me?– I ask accusingly.

He stares silently at me. Eyebrows raised. I recognize it: somewhere behind his mask of an expression, there is a dismissal. Again. I wasn't this irrelevant before.

You were nice,– I persist –Okay, kind of. I mean, a little. I mean, you were less of a jerk before. You know. When we were traveling together. Before you caught me.–

You know I didn't mean that, right? That's called acting, kid. That's called undercover.– Finally he's talking. –I know what you want to hear. You want me to just tell you what you want to hear?–

I can't answer. No is a lie and Yes is pathetic, like I don't care if he lies to me as long as he's friendly. It's the truth, but I don't want him to know it. –You do it for Martin and Natalia,– I point out. –You tell them what they want to hear. You do it all the time.–

Simon gives me a long look. –Because with them,– he explains finally, –what they want to hear is a lot closer to what I want to say.–

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