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Assorted Thoughts

I really would update more often, but there is very little drama in my life right now.  I'm still writing my stories (Martin's backstory is currently at 49 pages.  Single-spaced. Ridiculous), but since nothing is getting wrapped up, there's nothing to post. 

Last week I created a backstory for a character of starfall2 's, and I was pretty pleased with it, so maybe I'll post it up here at some point.  I really like making up people.  This is probably some form of mental illness.

Lately I've been rather wrapped up with helping my mum arrange things for her class reunion.  My jobs for this involved: designing the programs (looks like an old train poster, adorable), burning some current-events-of-1969 CDs for everyone (82 CDs...yikes), designing little fake retro gift certificates for prizes (finally a use for those fonts I'm always downloading!), scanning about 100 pictures (*twitch*), and keeping everyone from freaking out when the PowerPoint looked back, by the magical expenditure of adjusting the projector's settings.

Fortunately, I am getting paid for this.  Which is good, because I've had to buy 100 lightscribe CDs, 50 CD cases, more ink for my printer, and (oh yeah) a new DVD burner, because mine kind of ate one of the CDs and died promptly thereafter.

Anyway, the reunion was yesterday, and apparently went swimmingly, if my parents' return at 2:15 AM is any indication.  *whew*  I'm certainly glad that's done.

Then today, needing something relaxing, I restored books for a while.  Torn pages, ripped book jackets, loose covers, that sort of thing.  They're still being pressed while the glue dries, so we'll see how they are tomorrow.  I think book restorer would be a nice job, and I might like it a lot...finicky, exacting, solitary, and dealing with books.  Yes, that is me all over.  Unfortunately, I'm not sure how a person becomes one, and it probably doesn't make much money or have steady work (especially in C-lizzle, which hasn't bothered to have a bookstore for the last 15 years).

At any rate, I think I've decided that Valerie is probably a book restorer.  She's close enough to the city that it might help her get business, and I suspect she's got enough of her own money (and besides, she lives with Natalia) that amount of money made wouldn't matter to her too much.  Because Natalia is a little out there, which means Valerie either had to be really wild (female Owen, basically), or else very calm and reserved.  I think Natalia likes being the wild one of the pair, though.  And Valerie has to be calm, especially if she and Natalia are supposed to be analogous to Martin and Simon.  (Simon and Natalia are supposed to be very clearly male and female counterparts of the same personality.  Therefore, Martin and Valerie could possibly be the same.)  Besides, I think Simon (and probably Natalia) would consider wildness to be rather gauche and unbecoming in a relationship.  Fun for a while, but ultimately annoying.  AND a wild Valerie would probably scare Martin, who's got enough problems as it is.

I don't know much about Valerie; I may have to write a snippet or something about her.  Hmm.  Bears thinking about.

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