beppo_astrid (beppo_astrid) wrote,

More zombies and angst, although really there aren't any zombies in this part.

Here's another bit of the Rafe/Hollis/robots/zombies storyline.  It's an actual scene, not a snippet or an AU or a side story or anything.  As such, it doesn't really have a title or summary or anything, because it's really just in the middle of everything.

Setting: Rafe has been forcibly "hired" overseas, although this is fairly early on during his stint at the lab.  He isn't exactly friends with Hollis yet, although they have spent quite a lot of time together professionally and therefore they have probably started to feel each other out a bit.  Dashell is Hollis's co-guard, with whom he has an ugly and dangerous past.  And Hollis once spent some time in prison, which is why he seems to be having odd concussion-based flashbacks.

The Wrench Scene
Tags: robot zombies ftw!
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